Patient Smartphone Application: “My HF application”

MyHF application is a smartphone application dedicated to patient education and follow-up. MyHF allow the patient to build up a complete picture of heart failure, and may be useful for follow-up appointment with health care professionals.

MyHF application provides practical tips to improve the patients ‘knowledge on heart failure, as well as its daily management through 3 main topics: diet, exercise, and adherence to treatment.

MyHF application can finally also be used as a daily treatment reminder; the patient can record her/his current treatment and activate the push notification, to remind him to take medication at specified time.

The objectives of MyHF application are:

  • To provide patients an educational tool to better understand their condition (the app will regularly update the reader with educational tips on disease and lifestyle for HF patients)
  • To encourage self-empowerment for heart failure patients in monitoring their disease (eg monitoring their heart rate, weight)

With all these parameters recorded by patients, it also serves as a follow-up tool for health care professionals during clinic appointments.

MyHF is available worldwide for free on the stores.available-google-play available-apple-store
12 languages are available : Brazilian, Czech, English, French, German, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish.