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Programa "Optimize Heart Failure Care"

The paper describes the Optimize Heart Failure Care Program, which includes inexpensive initiatives to improve prescription of appropriate guidelines-recommended drug therapies, patient education and engagement, and post-discharge planning. It also reviews key learnings about the implementation of this Program and preliminary findings concerning its impact on clinical practice.

Main highlights of the paper:

  • Global implementation of the Optimize Heart Failure Care Program is encouraging.
  • Preliminary data suggest that it can optimize drug prescribing after heart failure hospitalization.
  • It is raising awareness of heart failure and generating useful data on current practice.
  • Good evidence-based care can be achieved with simple tools and little investment.

Link to article: Cowie MR et al. The Optimize Heart Failure Care Program: Initial lessons from global implementation. International Journal of Cardiology. In Press.

Optimize Brasil


“Optimize Brasil” is a practical and objective tool developed in partnership with the Department of Heart Failure (DEIC) of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology and Servier, the main objective is to guide the process of therapy optimization of patients hospitalized for decompensated heart failure, both in pre-discharge phase as well as in maintaining the post-discharge multidisciplinary outpatient follow-up.

The implementation of Optimize Brasil in different centers in Brazil has contributed to improving the care of HF, especially during the vulnerable phase that has a high rehospitalization rate and following the recommendations of the national and international guidelines.

This project certainly can determine an important impact on prognosis, which contributes to improving the quality of life and reduces the risk of rehospitalization and death in these patients.”

Prof Denilson Albuquerque